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Lookaway Content Management System is an open source project for publishing and information sharing. It is a utilitarian approach to making content and information available in which security, privacy and respect are deeply considered at each decision in development. Lookaway is optimized for mobile. As much of the processing as possible is done server side to provide a better experience on low power clients. Anyone with a host and an internet connection can deploy their own dynamic website. Lookaway can help you get there by providing free content management software that is simple and easy to use. The possibilities are endless since Lookaway is completely customizable is built on open and well documented platforms such as Django, Linux, Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Never get silenced again. Reach your audience. Launch your own Internet platform today!

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  • #HIP5TER

    Music by Cuban Cigar Crisis
    Rereleased by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Dec 19, 2020

    #HIP5TER is the final full length album released by Cuban Cigar Crisis. It is Chas Eden's masterpiece and gift to the world. Produced by Varun Kejriwal.

    Cuban Cigar Crisis

A new way to shine on the Internet

The promise of a free and open Internet for all people of earth has not yet been broken. Rather, somewhere along the way, we were all distracted and lured by “free” social media platforms. When Steve Jobs dropped the iPhone, we entered the citadel. For the past year I have been secretly digging a tunnel to freedom.

People use apps. They use the same 3 or 4 apps everyday of the week. But they don’t use new and obscure apps. They don’t use your app or my app and they never will. People are starting to wake up from their slumber. Some of them are even starting to realize that the whole time their faces were stuck on a tiny screen, real life shit was going down that severely diminished their quality of life. Apps are dead.

Do you know what’s not dead? The Internet. Shit’s popping off. The HTML/HTTP stack is still here, it’s open, it’s practically free, and you can access it on ANY host. I can even navigate this site on my flip phone. I threw this site together as a project and after a few months online I am getting around 250 unique visitors a month. Mind you, I don’t have a Google account, Facebook, Linkdin, to pathetically shill my awesome website. This is just organic traffic from word of mouth and people finding us online.

You can take this code and run your own social media platform, invite whoever you want, from your house for free. If you don’t feel like going down that path, you can join us. We are looking for writers, artists, musicians and technologists to publish their content on our site. If you are interested, join our Discord server and tell us a story about why you want to join.

🌐 Lookaway Official Discord
Hit us up on Discord if you would like to become a member of Lookaway, get help with IT problems or make a donation!

🌐 GitHub - kylebruder/lookaway: A quick and dirty CMS for guerrilla publishing and content sharing.
A quick and dirty CMS for guerrilla publishing and content sharing. - kylebruder/lookaway

Shoutout to our Founding Members!

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Laura Schwamb, Chris Castro, Natty Batty, Kento Murayama, Richard Pereira, Warren Bruder and everyone else who is helping me test this app by bringing their brilliance to the game!

Start Stacking Bitcoin NOW!



There is a very good chance that Bitcoin will eventually become the world's reserve currency. You have not missed the boat. Do not wait for the dip. You can increase your family's global sovereignty by possessing Bitcoin.

I have been closely following Bitcoin since 2012. When I first heard that people paying over $1 US dollar for a mysterious digital currency, I wrote it off as a passing fad. Believe it or not, Bitcoin is not the first digital currency. There were similar prototypes that precedded Bitcoin that never reached large scale adoption.

The more I learned about the protocol, the more I started to realize its importance in history. The discovery of the Bitcoin protocol is as important as the advent of email. When email first became available to the free world, people were very slow to adopt it. After all, paper, pens, stamps and envelopes had worked perfectly for centuries, why would we ever need to send mail electronically? Today, almost every one in the world has at least one email address. Imagine how quickly your life would devolve if you were locked out of your email.

I wasn't convinced enough to trade US dollars for Bitcoin until 2018 when I set up my first wallet. Back then bitcoin was valued around $3000. Since then, I have seen several major crashes in the USD price and each of those times, people around me kept telling me, "I told you it would crash". Despite the unending uncertainty, I have never traded any Bitcoin back into US dollars.

Now the price is 10x from when I started. I have been buying little bits here and there. At first, I would try to time the market and analyze world events and how they would affect the price. I actually managed to scale up acquisitions during the dips, but I got lucky. I could have easily gotten rekt doing that. Now, I use a dollar-cost-averaging investment strategy. I simply buy a set amount at regular intervals like a drip feeder.

So, again, You did not miss the boat. As long as you treat buying Bitcoin with US dollars as a long term investment, putting away $50 a week will perform very well over a 3-5 year time frame. Bitcoin is going to $100k in the next year or two. sure it might crash back down to $50k but it will eventually trend toward $1M.

Please note that the price of Bitcoin is has no bearing on the value of Bitcoin, rather it is a reflection of the value of the dollar in the world market. I am not suggesting you put everything you have in Bitcoin. Just make sure you will have a little something to give you an edge in the new global economy we are entering.

Please use these affiliate links to get started with Bitcoin. They help support this site. Also checkout my article in which I detail the easiest secure way to begin your journey.

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Lookaway is not a business

The development and deployment of this website is a labor of love and is sustained by contributions and donations. If you like what you see on here, lookout for opportunities to leave a donation of any size in either Bitcoin or Litecoin as you browse the site.


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Please donate some Bitcoin to our site. We can use it to keep improving the site and open up to more members. Any amount will help. Thank you.

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    #HIP5TER is the final full length album released by Cuban Cigar Crisis. It is Chas Eden's masterpiece and gift to the world. Produced by Varun Kejriwal.

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    Sourpuss is the fourth album by Cuban Cigar Crisis. Released in 2006, Sourpuss comes correct with energy packed hits that are sure to get you moving.

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    Flags of discontent is the third album by Cuban Cigar Crisis. Truly a revelation of cathartic songwriting excellence.

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    The second album by KyleAidascope. Aidas Worthington and Kyle Bruder channel cosmic rhythms in this collection of mostly acoustic songs.

  • Six Song EP

    Released in early 2001, front man Chas Eden joins forces with Eric Johnson on guitar, Jarred Hodgdon on bass and Harry Cantwell on drums.

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  • Live From Locust Garage

    Equipped with a voice tape recorder, mic and stand, guitars, a mandolin and clarinet KyleAidascope joins Chas Eden of Cuban Cigar Crisis and William Beuche

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    Space Country. Yes folks, you heard it here first. Album by Nick Wright & Kyle Bruder.

  • Damn.

    "Damn." is the first album by Cuban Cigar Crisis. Released in early 2000, it offers a challenging terrain of emotional soundscape.

  • Sounds of Capitola

    A collection of songs by Beggars Choice. The tracks were all produced in Capitola by the Sea, California.