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We are a collective organization of creative citizens of the Internet. You will find among our ranks, artists, musicians, writers, technologists and more. We seek not profit or power. We simply exist to express our souls to the world in an attempt to resonate with others like us around the globe. Membership is open to anyone. As a member you will be able vote on content using Marshmallows and publish posts.

Marshmallow Ranking System

Marshmallow Button

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All Lookaway Members influence the prevalence of content on Lookaway by distributing Marshmallows to the work that they would like to see more of. They have equal voting power regardless of how often they vote.

A couple of simple rules:

There is a 30 day waiting period after joining before Lookaway Members can vote.

The maximum voting frequency is every 5 minutes.

Once a Lookaway Member is eligible for voting, they will see the Marshmallow button in the bottom right corner of content detail pages.

The Marshmallow ranking system is named after the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment and is based on the biological phenomenon known as a "negative feedback loop". It sounds like voting based on dislikes but that is not what is meant by "negative feedback loop". Instead, negative feedback loops in nature and biology refer to environments where biomass is distributed in a stable manner such as the relationship between lion and zebra on the Savannah. This is the opposite of a "positive feedback loop" where factors in an environment inhibit drastic growth or die-off such as invasive species, or pathogenic epidemics.

Avoiding the "viral" effect of simply showing popular content before other content, the Marshmallow system seeks to use a more holistic approach to feedback based ranking. A Lookaway Member's Marshmallows become lighter and lighter the more often the they vote.

    def get_adjusted_weight(self, n=30, m=5, *args, **kwargs):
        # get n days ago
        t = timezone.now() - datetime.timedelta(days=n)
        ## number marshmallows allocated by the user in the last n days
        if 'model' in kwargs:
            q = kwargs['model'].objects.filter(
            q = Marshmallow.objects.filter(member=self, date__gte=t).count()
        if q == 0:
            q += 1
        print('number of marshmalows allocated in last {0} days by {1}: {2}'.format(n, q, self))
        # weight allocation period
        p = n / q
        # apply the multiplier
        return p * m

Source: kbruder Tech

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