Law and Order


Laws and Regulations Concerning Publishing on the Internet
Documented by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ, last updated on Dec 04, 2020.
An overview of laws and regulations that apply to roles related to the operation and use of interactive computer services.


Official Info Regarding US Presidential Elections
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Dec 12, 2020.
It seems that YouTube has been inflicting their programmatic and procedurally determined reality on unwitting viewers.

Banking for All Act Waiting in the Wings
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jan 06, 2021.
I would like to bring to everyone's attention the little known "Banking for All Act", introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Whatever Happens, We the People Will Prevail
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jan 19, 2021.
Tomorrow is a big day for the US and our way of life. Stay safe, stay strong, keep your heads up!

H.R. 1319 Passes House Vote - American Rescue Plan
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Mar 10, 2021.
The US House of Representatives has passed the motion to concur in the Senate amendment of H.R. 1319. The American Rescue Plan Act will be passed to Biden.

Section 230 Holds Firm Against Bipartisan Attack - Repost
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jul 25, 2021.
Senator Amy Klobuchar floats a bill that would create an exception to social media platform protections.


Esoteria - The Hidden Reality of the World | Lookaway Zine
Written by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ, published on Jun 04, 2021.
At some point in all of our lives we learned that we were lied to, at worst, or mislead, at best, about some crucial topic.