Banking for All Act Waiting in the Wings
Posted by Kyle Bruder on Jan 06, 2021.
I would like to bring to everyone's attention the little known "Banking for All Act", introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

All Lookaway Data Migrated Out of Amazon Web Services
Posted by Kyle Bruder on Jan 12, 2021.
In response to a decision by AWS, all Lookaway Information site data has been moved to a private server and has been purged from their infrastructure.

H.R. 1319 Passes House Vote - American Rescue Plan
Posted by Kyle Bruder on Mar 10, 2021.
The US House of Representatives has passed the motion to concur in the Senate amendment of H.R. 1319. The American Rescue Plan Act will be passed to Biden.


The Best Way to Get Into Bitcoin in 2021 (US)
Written by Kyle Bruder, published on Jan 07, 2021.
You do not need to understand Bitcoin at a technical level in order to safely and securely obtain, control, and store Bitcoin. Find out how.