War and Peace


Official Info Regarding US Presidential Elections
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Dec 12, 2020.
It seems that YouTube has been inflicting their programmatic and procedurally determined reality on unwitting viewers.

Nashville Telecom Hotel Hit in Bombing
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Dec 26, 2020.
A major AT&T telecommunications equipment site was damaged in a bombing in Nashville resulting in the loss of critical emergency communication networks.

UK Rules Against Extradition of Assange to US
Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jan 04, 2021.
In a key ruling yesterday, a UK court has ruled against extraditing Australian national and founder of Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange.


Esoteria - The Hidden Reality of the World | Lookaway Zine
Written by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ, published on Jun 04, 2021.
At some point in all of our lives we learned that we were lied to, at worst, or mislead, at best, about some crucial topic.


If You Think It's Bad Now, Search Your Memory | Lookaway Zine
Written by Kyle A. Bruder, published by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jun 04, 2021.
A short story about optimism in the era of the war on terror.