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Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Jan 26, 2021 from Ridgecrest, CA
Last updated on Jun 09, 2021

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The original Lookaway Information

The engine that drives Lookaway Information got some new features.

Uploaded image, video and sound files will be renamed to random file name. This is for added privacy. When a file is successfully uploaded, it's on the Internet (If you are running your own site using Lookaway CMS, this can be changed by configuring your web server). Even before you “publish” a media file, if someone knows your member number AND the date you uploaded it AND the name of the file, then they can access it. By adding a long random filename, it will be practically impossible to discover the URL for the file unless it is disclosed. This way, you can upload a file then send the link to someone you trust so they can access it.

Updated Gunicorn and Nginx templates for long connections and large file uploads.

Media files are now automatically converted to an open source web optimized format (webp for images, webm for videos and ogg for sound). This will improve site performance. Please note that if you are uploading high res files, you should keep the originals because the conversion will cause a slight in drop in quality. Please have patience when uploading large files. Once the submit button is tapped, please do not navigate away from the page until the submission is complete. Large files can take up to an hour to upload and convert. Pressing the submit button more than once may create aborted files in your media directory and will count toward your storage quota.

Images, Videos and Sounds will auto populate their titles after uploading. This makes uploading and adding multimedia to web pages much faster. Add them on the fly, then you can go back and edit them later from the context of the page on which they appear.

Authenticated members can now quickly jump to a tag detail view by entering a valid tag name in the new form at the top of the tag list view.


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