Update - 06/08/21 | Lookaway CMS

Posted by Kyle Bruder on Jun 08, 2021
Last updated on Jun 09, 2021


Release Candidate v1 is almost complete. In today's update, inline add buttons for Documentation Sections now pre-populate parent doc and order fields in the respective create forms.

In plain English, when you add a section to an existing document, the form will know which document it is a part of and will guess the order saving time and effort. This feature was implemented for AppPage Sections in the last big update.

Expect more quality-of-life updates in the near future. There are no database migrations needed for this update, just pull the new code from the release_candidate_v1 branch of the git repository. Restart Django to ensure the new changes take effect.

$ git pull https://github.com/kylebruder/lookaway release_candidate_v1

🌐 GitHub - kylebruder/lookaway at release_v1_candidate
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