Whatever Happens, We the People Will Prevail

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Tomorrow is a big day for the US and our way of life. Think of the Federal government as a corporation that you co-own with every other American. It's looking like it might go out of business, but there is no indication that this a certain outcome. If the worst happens, how will it really affect us everyday people? Think to yourself, what does the Federal government do for you? Things that come to mind are national security, economic policy and foreign policy. The US Federal Government has failed miserably at all of these objectives for the past 200 years.

People are afraid of being left out in the cold without the aid of our national socialist republic (technically the type of government imposed by most industrialized nations including the US). Unless one is a part of the top 1% by wealth, one has been out in the cold arguably since the 1970s. We do not need an over arching global or national government to be our sole provider as long as we maintain our communities. We need to keep our families and social groups together, in real life, not online. This will require that we defy orders to remain isolated like prisoners, an extremely risk proposition. But then again as we have learned in our own nation's history, freedom is not free and is paid for with blood and treasure.

Anyone who is willing to hand over their freedoms and let their relationships die for a false sense of security because experts ordered them to, should not be surprised by the consequences they and everyone else will have to face. No one should be shamed for clinging to the hope that this will all go away by remaining in their homes and following whatever orders are given. However, now is an opportune time, if you have not already, to decide how you will proceed.

Personally, I love the US and have respect for all of the people who died, fighting against tyranny and slavery. It would be a tragedy for that legacy to die, but on the other hand, I can take it or leave it. If the Federal government collapses, it would be an opportunity for We the People to rebuild something better. Be warned that we will not be in a position to do that if we are isolated in our homes using software that blocks and surveils our communications. In fact, there are any number of maligned groups waiting for the collapse and their chance to seize power.

Stay safe, stay strong, keep your heads up!

H.R.1 - For the People Act of 2019

“Senate Democrats are committed to advancing real solutions and fighting to uphold the core tenets of our constitution, which is why we are announcing today that the first bill of the new Congress will be the For the People Act,” Schumer said in a statement.

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Posted by Kyle Bruder on Jan. 19, 2021, 4:15 p.m. from Ridgecrest, CA
Last updated on Jan. 19, 2021, 6:40 p.m.