WTFU to the Truth About Pharma - Video

Posted by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Aug 03, 2021 from Ridgecrest, CA

It is extremely disheartening to hear alternative media outlets kowtow to the major pharmaceutical players. They have foolishly validated the safety and efficacy of their newest line of experimental medical devices. It turns my stomach and makes we wonder what duress these people are under to throw their integrity and reputations into a filthy gutter.

When people look back on this mRNA experimentation on ill-informed human beings including unborn children and pregnant mothers, it will be looked upon and studied as one of man's greatest follies.

* The "novel" SARS virus has not been proven to exist. (get on our Discord and prove me wrong if you have any scientific paper that shows how this virus is different that any other Corona virus.)

* The mass graves in India and China are due to the well above toxic levels of pollution in the air and water. These poor men, women and children could not afford to escape being poisoned to death.

* Most of the SARS Cov "vaccines" are actually an experimental gene therapy that cannot be reversed and will require continuous updates to your DNA to keep you (and any offspring conceived by them) alive and well. Thus if you take a mRNA "vaccine" once, you will become indefinitely dependent on pharmaceutical products to stay alive.

* The swabs that collect samples from your body puncture you blood-brain barrier exposing you to extreme risk of infection of existing pathogens.

* The PCR test was not designed to show that viruses are present in a given sample, or that the donor is sick. Thus, the reported case numbers are a complete fiction.

* The producers under the purview of the Emergency Use Authorization Act are immune to lawsuit or prosecution by anyone injured by their products.

This information is out there, but it has been purged from nearly every media outlet and the major social media sites. There are countless videos by investigative journalists, doctors, nurses and scientists. The following video organizes the information such that even a small child can understand the reality of what is happening to us.

I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. In fact, I am even considering getting one so I can work and contribute to society. I am a healthy middle aged man who doesn't take any medication or have any health problems whatsoever. My decision will ultimately a balance of risk (It may be less risky to take a NON-mRNA type vaccine once it gains full approval by the FDA, than to be subjected to weekly tests and masking). There is ALWAYS a risk of contacting pathogens while alive on earth, however, the chance of death from Corona virus is orders of magnitude lower than dying in a short car ride.

However, one cannot make a good risk assessment unless one has a reasonable amount of facts and data. I am lucky to have had the time and resources to gather such information for myself. Most people however, do not and hopefully this short video will open your eyes to a grim reality that cannot be denied.

WAKE THE FUCK UP people. If you still think that covid is real, vaccines are safe, and pharmaceutical companies have your best interest at heart, you need to be treated like a toddler playing by a busy road. That is how much danger you are in.

Please just be AWARE. Unless it is your job to report accurate information to the public, Play dumb around authorities in order to avoid ruining your own life. But just be aware of the reality around you for your own sake and the sake of your family. Choose your battles. Don't give up on people that you really care about who have been completely brainwashed by the media and the state. PLEASE heed my advice.