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Written by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ
Published on Jun 14, 2021
Last updated on Jul 19, 2021



Online gaming has been a part of my life since Playing Doom over LAN. To name a few other stops on this journey; Quake, Ultima Online, Team Fortress/Half Life, ABCUO, UO Forever, Face of Humanity, Star Trek Online, Shroud of the Avatar, Fallout 76 and New World. Valheim is the best open world game to date. The concept is based on Norse mythology. Each world is procedurally generated featuring an array of biomes. When you die, you loose all of your inventory and gear unless you can return to loot your corpse. Every part of the world is buildable. Oh yeah, there are boats.

Why Valheim is Different

That Valheim is not a MMO is actually a good thing. For without needing to spend time and energy on the multitude of issues that comes with a MMO player base, the development team can focus on novel game systems and immersion. It seems like this team has not made any major blunders in the early development processes, unlike every other online 3D RPG. Maybe it’s because they learned from the pile of failures that preceded them, or perhaps the Unity game engine is finally dialed in enough to produce a masterpiece.

It can be difficult to compare and contrast Valhiem with other games because it is truly a genre-breaking game. The most common problems with similar titles are, in no particular order, runaway economy, player exploits, lack of mid-game content and the slow nudge toward a pay-to-win profit model. Valheim does not have any of these problems. At least not yet.

The Secret Sauce

Each player spawns their own unique world. You can even host a dedicated, password protected server that supports up to 10 players at one time. You only have to buy the game once. There is no monthly fee, unless you are paying to host your own server. This being said, you can invite the people you want to play with. The game is designed for co-op play, but the openness of the world and mechanics allows for PvP and friendly fire. So, it would be no problem to set up a small PvP tournament or capture the flag type event.

Last Kingdom

I am so thrilled about Valheim that I set up a dedicated server and would like to invite a few people to join me. I am looking to find people to build a common city, do co-op missions, share resources, and possibly participate in structured PvP events such as CTF, sparring/skill leveling, bracket style dueling tournaments, and perhaps even a PvP dedicated island!

Last Kingdom

Talk to me on Discord for the password.


So the server is up about 99% of the time. The game is in early development so the server could get wiped at some point. I want to get to 10 people and cap it there for while and perhaps vote on new additions. If you are interested, please contact me on Discord.


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