Lookaway Content Management System V2 Ideas

Documented by kbruder tech✞ᵀᵀᴹ on Mar 26, 2022
Last updated on Mar 26, 2022


This is a running list of IDEAS. not everything on this list will make the cut. This is in the spirit of pure freedom. Scope and feasibility will be determined in a later stage.


Stream of consciousness is all well and good but to get to the core of truth we need our peers to look at our data info and message before we publish in order to address any bind-spots or biases of which we are all subject. The burning need for peer review became clear as soon as I started getting things ready for publication. There are many mainstream methods of organizing this type of work, but by relying on vast tech companies we are publishing it to them before we are ready for them to see it. This is why the business of editing and peer review must be made available privately in the Lookaway CMS code so that you can better retain ownership of your work. Analogue methods are still encouraged but why not take advantage of global networks as well?

💡Assign Editors to your unpublished Articles, Stories and Documents.

💡Choose one or more other Members to edit your work in progress. Those Members receive an invitation to become your Editor.

💡Any Member that receives an Editor invite will be able to see the work before it is published.

💡Optionally, Editors may be invited with read only privileges.

💡All Editors who accepted an invite to edit your work will be credited once the work is published.

💡Members may opt out of Editor invites or may auto-decline specific Members.

💡Editors can be removed by the owner of the work at anytime.

2022 CSS Theme

For the new version I really want to change up the front end. Poppy and bubbly containers with a blacklight dark theme might have been satirically on point for 2020 but now we need to shine a light. I want to go full utilitarian without feeling like a command terminal. Lowkey Craigslist vibes.

💡Minimalist design.

💡Smaller fonts.

💡Thinner margins.

💡Less borders.

💡Darker text on lighter backgrounds.

Code Cleanup / Refactor

Having no looked at any of the LCMS code for months, it's an opportune time to hard apply some DRY and get smart about the bigger picture of the code. Luckily there is very little code rot over the past couple of years.

Bread Crumbs

Easier navigability of the site without relying on the "back" button. Overlooked QoL item from LCMS v1


As the amount of content grows it is becoming clear that a search will be needed however rudimentary. Emphasis will remain on performance.

💡Search for keywords in titles and meta descriptions.

💡Narrow search by object type, publisher, date, etc.


Forms need a serious overhaul. Alot of work already went into improving CRUD forms in LCMS but the work is far from over. We need to take as much work out of filling out HTML forms for CRUD operations.

💡Auto-fill required fields wherever and whenever possible.

💡Larger text-area fields for easier and more visible copy input.

💡Bug hunt for fields that should already be auto-filling based on context.

External Links

Making direct link sharing a little more friendly in this version.

💡Link "copy to clipboard" button.

💡Optionally display QR code for URL of detail views.

Wish List

💡Native persistent media player (keeps playing when the page is changed).

💡Member duplex messaging system.

💡Development project backend.

💡 Recipes App.

💡 Markdown support for Documentation App.

💡Dark/Light theme toggle button.

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Please donate some Bitcoin to our site. We can use it to keep improving the site and open up to more members. Any amount will help. Thank you.

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Please donate some Lite to our site. We can use it to keep improving the site and open it up to more members. Any amount will help. Thank you.