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Last updated on Feb 22, 2021


The Members app is a feature of Lookaway Content Management System. The Member model inherits the User model from the Django Authentication System in order to leverage all of the wonderful features Django has to offer. Django's authentication mechanisms provide top notch security for Member authentication due to their very well maintained code repository.

Lookaway Members are people or groups of people that maintain access to a Member account on the site. Generally speaking, more than one person may share a Member account (excluding Staff and Admin accounts). However, one person should not maintain multiple accounts unless a Member account needs to be recreated or multiple Member accounts need to be merged.

For example, there might be a band with four members. Either they all share one account OR each member has their own account, NOT both.

All members can begin contributing and publishing media and content as soon as their account is created.

After 30 days, a Member can start giving Marshmallows to any member contributions. This includes their own contributions as well! Giving Marshmallows helps to promote specific pieces of content or media.

Public content will appear in on a Members profile page instantly. If it is recent enough, it will also temporarily appear on the landing page until enough newer content is published.

First and foremost, Members are encouraged to create and publish their own original content. Yet, understandably, not everyone (especially artists musicians and writers) has time to prepare and curate their work for the world wide web. Therefore, publishing other people's work is permitted and encouraged IF the other party is not already a Member AND your have their expressed or implied permission to do so.

Lookaway Collective Membership

The Lookaway Collective Membership is a cooperative group of artists, musicians, and writers who endeavor to publish their work openly, freely, and without obstacle or interference. The Membership as a whole decides its own expression and style. No Member will be removed or silenced unless ANY of the terms below are violated by ANY person with access to the Member account OR the in the event the administrator or anyone else with access to the data is compelled to do so by force.

For the purpose of this section and the above paragraph, "the Membership" AND "the site" AND "we" AND "us" mean "Lookaway Collective Membership" AND the website "".

For the purpose of this section, "Member" means to the person OR group of persons WHICH maintained access to the Member account with the role of Contributor, Staff, Admin or Founder between the date in which the account was added to the qualifying role group AND (if the account was deleted for ANY reason) the date the account and its associated data were removed from the site servers OR (if the account is still active AND maintained by the same person or persons since the account's creation) the present date.

All Members of the Lookaway Collective maintain equal standing in regards to the ethos of the content that we publish.

Currently, becoming a Member of Lookaway is ONLY possible by invitation by a current Member. No fees will be paid OR charged for joining the Membership.

A Member may publish any content they wish PROVIDED the act of publishing the aforementioned content violates NO common law belonging to the jurisdictional authority to which the Member AND/OR the site are subject. When a Member publishes original content on the site it henceforth becomes the collective intellectual property of the Membership UNLESS the content is expressly credited OR if rights to the content were claimed prior to the date of publication.

The views AND opinions of any individual Member do NOT necessarily reflect the views AND opinions of any other Member, set of Members AND/OR the Membership as a whole.

Rescinding Membership is possible by contacting a Member with the role of Staff or Administrator. Once a Member's original content (excluding documentation content created by staff members) AND its related data are removed from the site servers and databases, we will thereby grant full rights AND privileges to use the content to former Member.

New Members

Can begin contributing content and media as soon as their account is created and they successfully authenticate on the site.

Can NOT give Marshmallows to content or media yet.

New Member status is removed when the account is older than 30 days.

Contributing Members

Have been contributing content and media to the site for more than 30 days.

Can give Marshmallows to content and media.

Coming Soon:
We plan on opening up member registration to the public on a limited basis. Once this is implemented, Members will no longer automatically become Contributors. They will need to be manually added to the role of Contributor once they are confirmed to be legitimate.

Staff Members

Have access to additional features.

Can remove inappropriate or misleading Tags.

Can publish Information and support documentation related to Lookaway Information.

Founding Members

Gave valuable counsel and helped to test the software during development.

Guided the philosophy and design of the site.


Are responsible for the security of the site data.

Rely on the trust of the Membership

Should be 2: an Acting Administrator and an Alternate Administrator to take over administration in the prolonged absence of the Acting Administrator.

Member Badges

Member Badges - Lookaway CMS Feature

Badges appear on a Member's profile page. Badges indicate roles, achievements and other context. Badges are visible to any visitor or Member of the site.


The Profile page is a page dedicated to the contributions of an individual Member. The content and media with the highest mrshmallow weight is displayed on the Profile page.

The Member's username will be displayed in the heading unless a first AND last name are provided.

A Member can choose an Image to be displayed on their Profile and on pages on the site that call for a Member's Profile Image.

A Member can add any string of text (safe of markup and code injections) that is less than 65,335 characters long including whitespaces to their Profile page.

Personally Identifiable Information

It is possible for a Member to enter a first name, last name, and email address into our database. In the context of information security, real names and email addresses are known as Personally Identifiable Information or PID. Be aware that in the highly unlikely event our servers suffer a data breach, PID can be used by malicious actors to cause loss, financially or otherwise.

The name a Member provides is NOT required to resemble their legal name. Pseudonyms are allowed. A Member's Login name is used in certain listings to credit their work and link to their profile UNLESS they provide a first AND last name OR provide a display name for their profile. The act of using a Lookaway account to impersonate ANY non-fictional person, living OR dead is strictly prohibited and may result in account removal without recourse.

Caution: DO NOT respond to emails or other messages asking for your PID, account information or password. The only place it is safe to submit your login information is on the login page. Check the URL bar or your browser to ensure you are on our website ( Ensure that your are connecting to Lookaway using HTTPS, otherwise your password may be intercepted by malicious actors.

Recovery Email

Submission of a recovery address is optional. If you do not provide a recovery email address, you will not be able to use the automated password update service. Account passwords are not stored in the database, rather the hash of your password is compared with a hash of the password provided during the authentication process. Therefore, there is no way to "recover" your password. It is possible, however to recover access to your account. If your password is lost or forgotten, it can be updated using the password update service. Then the new password can be provided in order to authenticate.

Any email address provided by a Member will ONLY be used programmatically during the automated password update process initiated by invoking the password update service. Please do not respond to emails sent by the automated password update process.

Your email will not be intentionally sold, shared, published or distributed in any way by any Staff Member or Administrator.


Marshmallows - Lookaway CMS Feature

Lookaway content is ranked in a member driven negative feedback system based on the principle of delayed gratification called Marshmallows


Member Mixins - Lookaway Code Integration

How to integrate Lookaway Members mixin classes into your models and views.

Invite Links

Qualifying Members can create an Invite Link using a button that appears in the upper right corner of their Profile Page. The Invite form has two fields: Label and Note. Label is used to identify the name of the person or group that is being invited. Note is used to include a personal note for the invitee. Invites expire after 7 days. Invites can be managed by using the Django Admin Backend.


Lookaway Members are free to publish what they see fit. They are trusted to seek and implement their own editors and sources. The Membership as a whole will decide which work is worthy of exposure.